explorASIAN / Past Festivals

The Magical Encounter in May 2012


The Magical Encounter is a Pan-Asian & inter-arts gala performance showcasing both local and visiting artists, and exploring the intersection between music, word, dance, multimedia and cultural traditions. Produced by VAHMS, co-presented by SFU Woodward’s.

This is the kick-off event of explorASIAN 2012, and will feature a special program to pay
tribute to the late Milton Wong. The latter music and dance piece is being organized by the
community-at-large with the Laurier Institution & VAHMS as co-chairs.

• Colleen Lanki / Tetsu Taiko (traditional drumming performance & dance of Japan)
• Jan Walls (fun, audience engaging performance of Chinese clapper song)
• BCCMA (hulusi virtuosos hailed from Yunnan province, China)
• Uighur Belly Dancing (Adalat Omar & Yasmina Dance)
• Maitre Bac (contemporary performance combining the art of fencing & classical music)
• Rod Chow (Magician)
• PARS National Ballet (classical ballet, Persian Ballet, regional ethnic dances)
• Yvonne Ng (Contemporary dance “Tiger Princess Dance Projects” from Toronto)
• Shan E-Panjabi (youth group showcasing modern/classical dances)
• The Butterfly Dance (Lia Fallah)
• ZYRYAB sampler (fusion of Flamenco & Persian musical traditions)

7pm at the Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Vancouver.