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Cheuk Kwan talks about his 15 part film documentary, “Chinese Restaurants around the World”

image002On Thursday, May 16, 6:30pm at Richmond City Council Hall on 6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC, Cheuk Kwan will be on hand to present an one-hour power point discussion about the stories behind the making of the film series, his personal stories and insights and discovery and about the essence of the sojourner/journey motif from the angle of the Chinese Diaspora with emphasis on the Canada episode and the famous “Noisy” Jim in Saskatchewan. The event will include the showing of the Canada episode.

chinese-restaurant-postcardCheuk Kwan is the filmmaker of the award-winning series “Chinese Restaurants” www.chineserestaurants.tv/  . The 15 part documentary series tells the story of the Chinese Diaspora through its most recognized and enduring icon – the family-run Chinese restaurant. In the series, Cheuk Kwan takes us on a tour around the world, visiting such places as Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, India, Israel, Madagascar, Mauritius , Norway, Peru, South Africa, Trinidad, Turkey and Canada, bringing us into the lives of extraordinary families as they share moving stories of struggle, displacement and belonging and what it means to be “Chinese” today.

Thursday, May 16, 6:30pm
Richmond City Council Hall
6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC