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Generation One 2014, 5th Anniversary Art Exhibition: “So This Canada!

11x17poster 2014

Congratulations to the Participating Artists

· Danvic Briones (demo artist)
· John Chen
· P. Chen
· P. Y. Chiang
· Amy Chu
· Leonardo Cunanan, Jr.
· Pan Fan
· E. Ha
· Betty Hung
· Etsuko Inoue
· Chencheng Kan
· Edgardo Lantin
· Hai-Ping Lee (demo artist)
· Jean Lee
· Peter Lee
· Celia Leung
· Lenore R. S. Lim
· J. HC Lin
· Shyh-Charing Lo
· Juliana Loh
· D. Lui
· Esmie Gayo McLaren
· SYM Mendoza
· Caroline Y. M. Ng
· Reynato Pablo
· Rod A. Pedralba
· Thomas Tai
· Carmen Tam
· J. A. Tan
· J. Tsai
· S. F. Tsai
· Qiang Wang
· Elsa Wong
· Xingzhan Yang
· Haitao Yin
· June Yun
· M. Zhang
· S. Zhou
· Ting Zhou

Jurors’ Bios:

Grace Eiko Thompson:

Grace Eiko Thomson is a second generation Canadian of Japanese origin, artist and curator, historian and educator, and community activist and consultant.

Sherri Kajiwara:

Sherri Kajiwara has been a fine arts professional since 1992 as a curator, gallerist, director, gallery owner, writer, editor, and publisher. She has a B.Comm from the school of business at UBC. She co-owned the Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery from 2004 – 2008 and is co-director of an online arts communications company Vantage Art Projects. Sherri is currently a Project Manager at the NNMCC, dividing her time between the Cultural Centre and the Nikkei National Museum.