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City of Bhangra Festival – May 29 to June 7, 2014


Every spring, VIBC presents the City of Bhangra Festival, a ten-day all-out dance party and music-fest showcasing the music and dance of the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. On indoor and outdoor stages, in parks, in clubs, and even right smack downtown in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Festival features hundreds of local and international artists in a series of dynamic performances designed to thrill audiences of all ages.

The theme of the Festival this year is #BhangraLove, embracing the idea of love crossing all boundaries – social, cultural, sexual, religious, geographic – and uniting (even igniting) the hearts and minds of diverse audiences through the vibrancy of bhangra music, dance, art, poetry, and song. The nature of bhangra – from its roots to its contemporary expression in Vancouver and around the world – has always supported connectivity across and between individuals and communities, space and time, genders and cultures. How better to express your love than by becoming a part of the spirit of celebration, generosity, and community that is the bhangra movement?

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Please see schedule of the festival events here.

This is YOUR Festival and the only one of its kind in the world!