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Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival

Aug 15 – 17, 2014 主舞台MainStage

Detention is a non-verbal physical comedy for all ages – no translation needed! This fresh example of classic Hong Kong humor translates to all audiences without words. The piece is an acrobatic comedy combining clowning, martial arts and percussion. Performed by a group of talented comedians, drummers, tap dancers, xiqu (Chinese Opera) performers & even a Kung Fu master!

《打轉教室》是一部適合所有年齡段觀看的無對白動作喜劇 – 甚至不需要翻譯! 無需言語就可以將這種新鮮的經典香港式幽默傳遞給所有的觀眾。這部作品融合了雜技喜劇,武術和打擊樂,并由一班才華洋溢的喜劇演員,鼓手,踢踏舞者,戲曲演員以及功夫大師共同完成的表演。

一部無對白的動作喜劇 Non Verbal Physical Comedy
鄧樹榮戲劇工作室製作 Produced by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio


Aug 20 – 22, 2014 黑盒劇場 Studio

如詩般的愛 A poetic reflection on love
進劇場製作 Produced by Theatre du Pif

《小島芸香》由香港著名劇作家潘惠森所創作. 講述的是一對男女在一座孤島上相遇, 并上演了他們的過去和現在的重疊. 在他們問出”是要獨自留下還是一起離去?”的同時, 隨着意志較量的展開,該劇帶來一個既令人同情又令人驚訝的結局. 幽默, 感動與悲傷同在, 潘惠森的作品既同情憫人卻又同時對不渝的愛情發起了質問.

The Isle, written by leading Hong Kong playwright Paul Poon, depicts one couple’s encounter on a remote island where their past and present overlap. As they ask the question “do we stay or leave?” a battle of wills unfolds that leads to a surprising and dramatic finale. Witty and touched with pathos, Poon’s play is a compassionate yet skeptical take on enduring love.

“Theatre du Pif operates at the cutting edge of modern theatre.” South China Morning Post

Aug 22 – 24, 2014 主舞台 MainStage

十種激情Ten acts of passion

根據作家阿圖爾•施尼茨勒 (Arthur Schnitzler) 筆下的《輪舞》(La Ronde) 改編而成
Based on La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler

焦媛實驗劇團有限公司製作 Produced by Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre

根據阿圖爾.施尼茨勒(Arthur Schnitzler) 于1900年撰寫的《Reigen》 (其法文譯名《輪舞 (La Ronde)》更為人熟知). 《赤室解禁》把舞台設定為現今的香港. 五個男角色和五個女角色( 均由同樣兩名演員分飾), 在十個不同場景里呈現不同人物在愛情, 婚姻和性生活中的挫敗與各異觀點. 每一個場景會由不同的男女在一個房間里述說一個新的故事.

這部香港的作品是受到英國劇作家大衛.黑爾所寫, 并由著名演員妮歌.潔曼主演的百老匯着名舞台剧《The Blue Room》的啟發創作而成.

警告: 本作品內含成年內容, 並非適合各個年齡段觀看.

Based on the classic 1900 play Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler (better known by its French title La Ronde), The Fire Of Desire updates the setting to present day Hong Kong, where five men and five women (all played by the same two actors) explore their frustrations and perspectives on love, marriage, and sex in ten different scenes, each scene taking place in a room with a different man and woman.

This acclaimed Hong Kong production subsequently inspired English playwright David Hare’s adaptation The Blue Room which starred Nicole Kidman on Broadway.

Warning: This production contains mature content and may not be suitable for all ages.