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Community Cafe: Canadian Indonesians – Who Are We?


Come join us in a community cafe and take part in a dialogue on the identity of Canadian Indonesians. This panel discussion features moderator Margaret Gallagher, who is the current CBC Host of Hot Air. Margaret’s Indonesian Canadian identity is rooted in her mother, a Chinese-Indonesian who came to Canada in the late 1960s. Her grandfather was the first Ambassador to the Netherlands under Soekarno’s administration.
So do Indonesians in Canada have a distinct history and identity? What are our respective contributions to the social and cultural dialogue of this country? We hope that this event will be the catalyst to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of who we are and how we fit into diverse Canada.
We will also see the official launch of a new and first ever project dedicated to documenting and celebrating the experiences of Canadian Indonesians. This oral history project is part of the historical and cultural project, “First Families, First Stories” led by Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS).
Further information about the project will be posted at (to be launched at the event).
Event Contact: Liza Wajong – (604) 526-3127, E-mail:
VAHMS Project Contact: Jim Wong-Chu – (604) 355-5795, Email: