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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds



Come check out a new immersive theatrical production of this Pulitzer Prize winning play in

Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Vancouver, November 18-28, 2015—This will be the first time Vancouver will see an interpretation like

this—an ethnically diverse cast, non-traditional space in Chinatown, and reimaging of a classic drama.

Redcurrant/Marigolds Collective was formed to create innovative and interesting interpretations of

familiar and new works, on the platform of promoting diversity in the Vancouver Theatre scene. “We

want to represent a multi-racial canvas for which theatre works, new and old, can be interpreted.”

Merciless matriarch, Beatrice and her daughters, Tillie and Ruth live in undesirable conditions,

and as Beatrice tries to come up with a quick scheme to bring in more money, she is haunted

by her past failures. Tillie is invited to compete in her school’s science fair, presenting the

aforementioned title of the play, thus introducing a small beacon of hope in this family’s


“Let’s start with a single, simple word. Power…I don’t know of a better (play) of its genre since The

Glass Menagerie…” —NY Post.

“For me aesthetically, seeing a piece of theatre that is culturally diverse is on many levels much more interesting,

more artistically stimulating […] to see something that will provide them with aesthetic pleasure and if it reflects

the actual diversity of our urban mosaic in a way that’s amusing, sexy, entertaining, that will definitely draw people

in a way we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.”—Chris Gatchalian, Artistic Producer of The Frank Theatre (Vancouver)

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Twitter: @gammarays2015

Redcurrant/Marigolds Collective is a theatrical equity co-op formed as of choosing to produce The Effect

of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds by artistic producers, Lissa Neptuno and Chris Lam.

Featuring Laara Ong, Julie Leung, Lissa Neptuno, Lynda Shioya, and Anais West. Directed and designed

by Chris Lam. Stage management by Jasmin Sandhu. Lighting design by Jonathan Kim. Incidental music

by James Coomber.

Media Contact: Chris Lam, 604 765 7554,

Skylight Gallery, 163 E Pender St. /Nov. 18-28 (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat) 8 PM/Tickets $20/

Box Office: