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Sarvenaz Amanat: Self-Hell, Exhibition and Book Launch




Sarvenaz Amanat: Self-Hell, Exhibition and book launch

Venue: Lobby, 1515 West 7th ave. Vancouver, V6J1S1

Date: Opening February 11 (7-9pm), The exhibition then runs from Feb 12-April 2


Vancouver, BC—On view from February 12 to April 2, 2016, Sarvenaz Amanat’s exhibition ‘Self-Hell’ features a series of 21 dramatic ink drawings and 4 conceptual sculptures depicting the many diverse emotions experienced by human beings. These revealing and evocative works seek to capture the dichotomy of the human condition, both the negative and the positive, and bring the fragile subtleties of our temporal existence to the surface. Sarvenaz Amanat has collated these expressive drawings to produce a comprehensive picture book meant for contemplation and introspection. The result is a radically different perspective on today’s cultural preoccupation with ‘self-help’. This exhibit explores the complex journey from sadness and confusion to joy and hope. Amanat, who typically draws in a classical style, has chosen a simple graphic medium to evoke these diverse emotions – from the fractured landscape of depression and anxiety to integration and renewed joy.

“These drawings were inspired by meeting Art Spiegelman and seeing his work, which often considers trauma and alternative subject matter. As a classically trained artist, it was a challenge to use simple drawings to convey complex meanings and retain a child-like quality to them at the same time,” says Amanat. “I’ve included sculptures that are connected in theme but very different in aesthetic.”