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explorASIAN 2016 Recognition Gala

explorASIAN‘s Recognition Gala 2016 is taking place on June 11th, 5:30pm at the Nikkei Museum and Cultural Centre, 6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC.

Join us for an evening of culture! Following the Silk Routes and Beyond in Vancouver Display, Generation One Pan-Asian Artists, dinner, and entertainment. Please support explorASIAN‘s only fundraiser.

To download the program for explorASIAN‘s Recognition Gala 2016, click here: Program Gala 2016

To buy tickets for the Recognition Gala please click here.

Image below designed by the Vancouver Courier

Recog Gala


First prize for our raffle at our Recognition Gala will be two round trip tickets to Hong Kong, generously donated by Cathay Pacific Airlines!