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Ventriloquial Investigations

Ventriloquial Investigations
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Venue: The Western Front, 303 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
Date: May 21, 2016
Contact Email: 604 876 9343 on weekdays
Grotto: Ventriloquial Investigations is Michael O’Neill’s answer to the operatic works of Robert Ashley and the mysteries of Plato’s cave. A 40-minute musical theatre performance for speaker, ventriloquial puppet, Javanese gamelan and live video score (by Sammy Chien), this is likely to be one of the most engaging philosophical treatises you will ever hear. The first half of the program features revised versions of some of Gamelan Alligator Joy’s current repertoire of new music, composed by Gamelan Madu Sari/Gamelan Alligator Joy members: Mark Parlett’s “Dice Over Easy”, Andreas Kahre’s “Let N=N”, and Sam Salmon’s “96 Tiers”.