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PCHC Volunteer Call-Out: ISSCO Conference


The Pacific Canada Heritage Centre – Museum of Migration (PCHC-MoM) Society is assembling a team of volunteers to work at an international conference on the study of Chinese overseas to be held in Richmond on July 6th to 8th, 2016.

If you are free to put in a shift or two each day of the conference (July 6th, 7th, & 8th), please read on.

The International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO) will be hosting its 9th International Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond. Scholars on this subject from around the world will be presenting their latest works at keynote plenaries and at over 60 panels on many aspects of the Chinese diaspora. This conference is only the second time ISSCO is holding its conference in North America since its inaugural meeting in San Francisco in 1992. For details of the conference, please visit:

In partnership with the University of British Columbia, PCHC-MoM Society will recruit and train a team of volunteers to assist at the conference. If you are interested in becoming a part of this team, please confirm your availability as soon as possible. Volunteers will have a chance to attend some sessions during the conference using complimentary passes made available to PCHC-MoM Society. A one-hour training session will take place closer to the conference in Richmond.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Chunli Yang ( or Ms Eleanor Munk (

Winnie L. CHEUNG & Chunli YANG

Volunteer & Training Committee,

PCHC-MoM Society



Reply to: PCHC-MoM Society (

Conference (starts & ends) My availability (starts & ends) comments
July 6 (9:30am – 7:30pm)
July 7 (7:30am – 7:15pm)
July 8 (7:30pm -5:15pm)


For one-hour training in Richmond, my preferences in order of priority (indicated by 1,2,3 & 4):

Saturday (July 2) morning        __

Saturday (July 2) afternoon      __

Sunday (July 3) afternoon        __

Mon/Tue (July 4, 5) evening    __


My name: _______________________ tel: _______________ email: ________________________

My special skills (pl check as many as you like):

photography __; AV equipment __; IT support __;

languages (pl specify)_____________________

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