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Hiroshima- Vancouver Peace Concert

Hiroshima- Vancouver Peace Concert

Hiroshima Vancouver Peace Concert

Venue: Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, 6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
Date: August 9, 2016
Please join us on Tuesday, August 9, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm for the Hiroshima – Vancouver Peace Concert at Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre 6688 Southoaks, Burnaby, BC, featuring special guests from Japan who will be performing traditional Japanese court music, classical dancing, singing, and a demonstration of Aikido. The concert is free to the public.

Performers include nationally-known stars in Japan: Jazz singer Izumi Kimoto and Koto player Yoshie Tachikawa. Morimichi Hikichi and Takahiro Hashiguchi will be demonstrating Aikido.

Vancouver-based Chibi Taiko will make a guest appearance.

The Hiroshima Goodwill Cultural Mission is on a Canadian tour with only two stops, in Montreal on August 7 and Metro Vancouver on August 9.

The group is from Hiroshima, the first city to experience the horrors of the atomic bomb, and they are sharing their music and culture to promote peace in the hearts of all people.

Website: gvjcca. org