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Currents, A Ricepaper Anthology

Currents coverCurrents A Ricepaper Anthology

Edited by Karla Comanda, Leila Lee and William Tham Published by the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop

RELEASE DATE September 22, 2017


Paperback $25.00 CAD
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SUBJECTS Canadian Literature — Asian Canadian author
DESCRIPTION When Ricepaper first began 20 years ago, its content was mainly focused on the experience of marginalized Asian communities in Canada. It still publishes with this mandate, but as time progressed, the magazine evolved along with its readership to become a forum for creative works, interviews, profiles and reviews of more contemporary Asian communities. Since becoming a strictly digital magazine in 2016, Ricepaper expanded the breadth of its content to include work from Asian writers both in Canada and abroad. In celebration of its first year online, this anthology is made up of poetry, fiction and nonfiction acquired during this time.
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ABOUT THE EDITORS Karla Comanda is a Vancouver-based poet, translator, and creative writing MFA candiate at UBC. Leila Lee holds an honours BA and MA in Canadian history. William Tham’s first novel Kings of Petaling Street was published by Fixi London.
CONTRIBUTORS Aaron Tang, Aileen Santos, Anna Wang Yuan, Benjamin Hertwig, Carousel Calvo, Céline Chuang, Cheonhak Kwon, John Mokrynskyj, Hana Kim, Do Nguyen Mai, Dung Kai-cheung, Nick Stember, Hannah Polinski, Emi Kodama, Frances Du, Helen Tran, Jane Aiko Komori, Jasmine Gui, JF Garrard, Joanne Leow, Kawai Shen, Li Charmaine Anne, Linda Nguyen, Lisa Zhang, Mary Chen, Raine Ling, Stanford Cheung, Zeng Xiaowen, and Alison Bailey.

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“In a political climate that continues to oppress people of colour, Currents reminds us that we are human, that we are different, and that we continue to survive. We curated 25 pieces, each reflecting a different fiber of the Asian identity. Their stories were written: now they need to be heard and read. We at Ricepaper have poured countless hours of love and labour to this project. But our passion can only take us so far. Supporting our Kickstarter campaign means making Currents a reality, a physical book in the reader’s hands.” — Karla Comanda, contributing editor for Currents