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Canada Golden Maple Film Festival

May Film Showing

The Canada Golden Maple Film Festival, hereafter referred to as “CGM”, is sponsored by the State Administration of Film of The People’s Republic of China, the Canada Federal, Provincial, and municipal city Government. Under the guidance and support of the governments of China and Canada, as Chinese and Western film co-operation and exchange platform.

CGM is devoted to build the bridge between Western culture and Chinese culture for filmmakers and film lovers. CGM is the first film festival that is officially allowed using “Maple” which is Canada’s national tree as the name of the festival. CGM will take place this September in Vancouver, Canada’s most beautiful city! The main focuses we are promoting in this festival are “public welfare, inspiration, and cultural exchange”. We aspire to create a greater understanding of multiculturalism through the art of films, and to foster the international development of the film industry.

CGM will choose 54 “Golden Maple” award winners from a selection of theatre films and online films. Five broad categories, including theatre films, theatre short films, online films, and online microfilms, will present awards for best picture, best director, best screenplay, best actor, best actress, etc. The members of the CGM judge committee are well-known directors, screenwriters, film critics, and professionals from North America. Not only CGM will showcase the films, but also there will be a forum to help the communication with Chinese and Canadian film makers.

There were over 1,000 celebrities, professionals and guests attended the first CGM opening and closing ceremony. Over 40 local and international news outlets covered CGM last year, such as “Vancouver Sun”, “Provence”, “Dawa Business Press”, etc. “People’s daily”, Sina, and “” are also published articles about CGM. During last year’s festival, there were thousands of audiences attended the film week. Judges was able to select 21 great movies (16 Chinese films and 5 western films) from over 200 films which were submitted. After a week-long showcase at UBC, students from all over the world were impressed by Chinese films. Parliament of Canada Mr. Lidao Su issued honorary certificate to the CGM committee. He was on behalf of Canadian government welcome Chinese film makers to Canada filming on set.


Government Supports:

  • China: State Administration of Radio, Film and Television/ China Film Archive Department / China Film Art Research Centre / Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver
  • Canada: Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments/ National Film Board of Canada/ Federal department of Multiculturalism / Vancouver Park Department


Golden Peony Cultural Industry Fund / Canada Golden Maple Film Festival Association


Xiamen Airline/ Pan Pacific Hotel/ Canada bell art centre/ China Lion Film / DawanewsCorp. / UBC film Society / Shenzhen Film & TV Industry Society / Vancouver Film School/ Chinese Associate of Burnaby / Tom Lee Music / YACHT CENTRE VANCOUVER / Taiwan Film Festival Association / XinViteer / iMangoFilm

Charitable Beneficiary:

Canada Liver Foundation


Festival activities:

  • September 22, 2017: CGM Opening Red Carpet Charity Dinner & Shortlisted Awards Ceremony
  • September 22-23, 2017:  Canada, China and United States Film Forum
  • September 24, 2017: CGM Closing & Awards Ceremony
  • September 20-25, 2017: Circulating broadcast shortlisted films