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The Raga Experience


The JUNO Awards are coming to Vancouver in March. The 2018 Juno Host Committee along with Music BC and Creative BC have commisioned “e” as part of the celebrations leading up to JUNO week. (Raga is a melodic structure)

Sitar artiste, Sharanjeet Singh Mand with Tabla accompanist, Hriday are delighted to be representing Indian Classical Music as part of the Experience Music Program and making this a JUNO for the Indian Classical

music community in BC & Canada. This vent is a seed initiative for Indian music representation in BC.

Come and celebrate the Indian Classical music genre as part of  2018 Junos,  on Friday, March 16th, pre-concert mingle, deliciously hosted by Nanak Foods at 7 pm followed with Concert at 8–9pm & culminating with Q&A: 9–9:15pm.

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Tickets: $12 available at  or call 604 501 5566 

We acknowledge our partners: Centre Stage, Surrey Civic theatres, Music BC and Creative BC which allows the ticket @ $12.

This event is a great opportunity to define the Indian classical music trajectory in BC with the recent news about the Government increasing the budget of the BC Arts Council by $15 million over the next three years, and Creative BC will see an increased investment of $3 million. This is a key time to participate, gather and show support for fellow artists as a collective of BC’s living cultural traditions, that which has been diligently advocated by our board at BC Alliance for Arts & Culture.

All BC musicians, parents, students, producers and organisation leaders are encouraged to attend and meet the prospected opportunities for ongoing profile events. Teachers, leaders and musicians are asked to take the front seats for us to call you during announcements.

We appreciate your Juno spirit and we look forward to celebrating you on the 16th March.

Of course, do share the info with your SM groups, friends and lists. 

Thank you to those who have shared the info via FB, credit banners will be uploaded as we lead up to the 16th March.

on behalf of; 2018 Juno Host Committee, Music BC, BC Creative, Surrey Civic Theatres

Nina Buddhdev

Vois Créatives