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National Canadian Film Day Screening: “A Time to Swim”

time to swim

On April 18, 2018, great Canadian movies will be available on air, online and on foot at over 1,700 screenings in cinemas, libraries, public squares and anywhere you can show a film. With free events happening across every province and territory, many involving Canadian film talent, National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) promises to be the largest film festival in the world. Ever. It’s a day to sit back in your seat, take off your toque, and have some FUN!

To celebrate National Canadian Film Day in BC, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF)explorASIANREEL CANADA and with the generous support of the H. R. MacMillan Space Centreand Museum of Vancouver present screening of A Time To Swimby Montréal filmmaker, Ashley Duong.

Event Schedule:
Doors Open: 6:30 pm
Opening Remarks and Screening: 7:00 pm

The film will be preceded by “Re Lekuah” by Alena Murang, directed by Ashley Duong, the first-ever music video created in the indigenous Kelabit language of Borneo.

Guests: TBA

FREE Screening. General Admission refers to seating area that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a firstcomefirstserved basis. Please note: Please arrive early. As this is a free screening and space is limited, all unclaimed registrations will be released at 6:45 pm. Latecomers will be seated only as space permits, but viewing may not be ideal.



In the suburbs of Montréal, Mutang Urud is a stay-at-home dad. But in Malaysia, he was a voice of resistance for the indigenous peoples of Sarawak. A Time to Swim follows Mutang as he returns home for the first time since his exile in 1992. The remote forest village, however, is not like he remembers it. Contrary to the will of the elders, cousins who once stood by him at the blockades are now welcoming the timber companies. Despite the threat of a lingering arrest warrant, Mutang can’t resist taking up his old cause. A Time to Swim explores the effects of environmental destruction on the fabric of a community through the personal story of Mutang’s search for belonging in a place where the very ideas of home and heritage are slipping away.

Initial release: 2016
Director/Writer: Ashley Duong
Producers: Katarina Soukup & Ashley Duong
Running time: 82 mins
Preceded by “Re Lekuah”, running time: 5 mins 32s

Previous Screening / Awards:

Winner – Best Canadian Feature Award, sponsored by the Directors Guild of Canada, Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2017
Winner – Special Jury Prize for Best Feature Documentary, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017
Winner – Vijay Mohan Social Change Award, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2017
Special Jury Mention Prix Séquences du meilleur documentaire, Festival Présence autochtone 2017

WORLD PREMIERE – Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017
(Finalist – Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Filmmaking)

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