Photo Gallery 2019

Embrace the Chicken (Book Launch)

Embrace the Chicken (Book Launch) Produced by VAHMS in partnership with VPL and Orca BooksThe event was very successful. Two classes of 20 students (4th to 7th grade) came to the event accompanied by 15 parents and 6 teachers 40 to 45 audience.  The author gave writing tips for young writers, described her life in India and explained how even though she grew up in a humble neighborhood, she was able to figure out what she wanted to do in life. She told her story of immigration and how she had to face her fears and embrace her new home. Life can be difficult when you first move to a new country, and as a teenager, it is very important to be accepted. The feeling of wanting to belong makes it difficult to handle family, school, and friendship. Mahtab connected with the students immediately, making them feel comfortable to talk about their own struggles and to comment on various ways to be accepted. The author gave the audience some input about life in Mumbai and talked about the radical differences between living in India compared to the life we enjoy in Canada.  A small powerful book that taps into our feelings of fear, understanding, and acceptance, but mostly a small book that makes us think about our inner child. I think it was a great event!!!!