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2019 Pan-Asian Recognition Award Winners

There are 20 individuals and organizations nominated for the explorASIAN 2019 Pan Asian Recognition Award, and among them, Lan Tung, Lenore RS Lim and Indian Summer Arts Society are the winners. They are recognized for their outstanding contributions to cultural diversity in Vancouver.

Lenore RS Lim is recognized for creating opportunities for visual and performing artists to share their work with a wider audience. The driving force behind the Filipino Music and Art Foundation in BC, Lim is a passionate mentor of talent and a tireless promoter of family and community connections across cultures and generations.

Lan Tung is an erhu performer, composer and concert producer who has promoted cross-cultural collaboration between musicians from Asia and the West for more than 20 years. Lan is the artistic director of the Orchid Ensemble, Sound of Dragon Society/Sound of Dragon Music Festival and Proliferasian. She organizes educational programs for young audiences and the public, lectures at the post-secondary level, and has led several residencies with different organizations.

The Indian Summer Arts Society stages the Indian Summer Festival as part of its mission of creating an inclusive, culturally rich society. Now a multi-arts, multicultural, multi-gender and multi-racial event, the festival features more than 200 artists, both emerging talent as well as global names, and activities ranging from neighbourhood walking tours to dialogues about gentrification.

The nominees for the 2019 Pan Asian Recognition Award are as follows:

Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop
Burnaby Art Gallery exhibition: “Anna Wong: Traveller on Two Roads”
Canadian Society for Asian Arts
Daniel Wu (Founder and curator of Tian Jin Formation Drum)
Dr Jan Walls (Professor of East Asian languages and culture studies)
Dr Millie Creighton (Professor at UBC)
Grace Eiko Thomson (Director|Curator of the the Nikkei National Museum)
Indian Summer Festival Society
Itrath Syed (PhD student at SFU)
Joan Frias (Philippine independent music)
Laura Saimoto (Director of Community Relations Committee at Vancouver Japanese Language School and Hall)
Mita Naidu (Vancouver International Jazz Festival)
Shushma Datt (Spice Radio)
Tamio Wakayama (The Bulletin)
Wong’s Family represented by Maurice and Jane Wong