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Statement Regarding COVID-19

Dear VAHMS Guests, Partners, Collaborators, Volunteers, and General Public,

In light of the current health concerns regarding COVID-19, City leaders have already proposed responsive programs and measures to protect the public. Among these important measures, there is the need to cancel or delay events and gatherings, as well as to keep distance when interacting with others to prevent the spread of the virus. 

We, at VAHMS, understand the importance of complying with this social compromise and follow our values to support in times of crises. This means that we are stepping out of our comfort zone and delaying the most important events planned to celebrate Asian Heritage Month.

The following measures have been taken to prioritize public health. We hope you will continue supporting VAHMS initiatives and will participate in our future events and programming. 

  1. The Opening Ceremony of explorASIAN will be delayed and will become the Closing event of Asian Heritage Month. If possible, this event will be delayed to the end of May or beginning of June. The Closing Ceremony event will feature all the characteristics of the Opening Ceremony.
  2. The Opening of Asian Heritage Month will be marked by the Illumination of City Hall the evening of May 1st, 2020. The illumination, in red, will start at down and will be video recorded and uploaded in our website, and social media outlets.  
  3. Interconnected Galleries Art project will continue its promotion via VAHMS website and social media.
  4. Our National Canadian film Day event will be delayed to a later date depending on Emily Carr University of Art and Design’s availability.
  5. The recognition Gala event will be postponed to May 2021 when we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society and its continuous support for all Pan-Asian and Canadian arts, culture and heritage.
  6. We still publish our festival program with the possible changes to events happening in Metro-Vancouver 
  7. We will continuously update all the public about our programmed events changes via social media, website, and emails 
  8. We will be responding to changes and inquires on a regular basis. 

We, at VAHMS, hope to celebrate Asian Heritage Month to the best of our ability in a safe environment and value your support and positive response to our measures and changes.

Best Regards,Leticia Sanchez
VAHMS President 2020