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Now Streaming: Silk and Skins Virtual Concert

Uzume Taiko Drum Group and Silk Road Music have a new musical collaboration featuring cross-cultural repertoire, “Silk & Skins” that we are thrilled to present as part of #virtualexplorASIAN!

Silk and Skins embodies this year’s explorASIAN Festival theme “Pan-Asian Cultural Connections” which celebrates our diverse multicultural Canadian identity with stronger efforts to increase cross-cultural integration. The Japanese taiko drums are dynamic percussion instruments that emit powerful resonance and energy. Silk Road Music features traditional instrumental pieces, original compositions and Chinese folk songs performed on the pipa, a Chinese lute, with many world instruments, arranged for cross-cultural instrumentation. The combination and energies of both troupes performing original and traditional repertoire is unique and reflects the growth of Metro Vancouver’s artistic diaspora. Through this musical collaboration, we hope you will experience the energy that results when cultures eagerly try to learn from one another.

Please enjoy this virtual performance recorded at the the Uzume Taiko Studio in Richmond, BC.

You can learn more about Silk Road Music and Uzume Taiko by visiting their websites, linked here.