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2 Virtual Events with the VPL

The Vancouver Public library is offering two virtual events this week as part of their special Asian Heritage Month programming.

First up: From Du Fu to Bai Juyi: Scholars’ Spirit – 杜甫與白居易:從仗劍天涯到煮酒園林. The An Lushan Rebellion (755-763) changed Ancient Chinese Culture dramatically. Join the VPL for an introduction to the two greatest Chinese poets of that era, Du Fu and Bai Juyi whose lives and work embody the Chinese ideal of scholars’ spirit.

Xin Shangye is a Vancouver based author and freelance writer whose PhD is in Classical Chinese Literature. She will talk about Chinese ancient traditions, culture, and scholars’ spirit through the two poets’ poems and life stories. This will be conducted in Mandarin.

Second, the VPL presents: Asian Heritage Month: Experience Classic Chinese Comedy.

Villains and hoarders and landlords, oh my! Screen the classic Chinese comedy Crows and Sparrows (1949) and then join UBC professor Christopher Rea for a discussion of this film about ordinary people at home coping with extraordinary times. 

Before the event, please click here to watch Crows and Sparrows (1949) at your convenience. The film is available in Mandarin with English subtitles.