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City Opera Vancouver is Seeking Asian-Canadian Singers for new Opera “CHINATOWN”

City Opera Vancouver is seeking Asian-Canadian singers for their new opera CHINATOWN, a new chamber opera in development by librettist Madeleine Thien with Paul Yee, Taishanese co-writer, and composer Alice Ping Yee Ho. It is scheduled to run five nights at the 668-seat Vancouver Playhouse in early September 2021. CHINATOWN is a Western opera, with significant elements sung in the Hoisan/Toisan dialect of south China, and with a fusion orchestra of Western and traditional Chinese instruments. It runs approximately two hours, including intermission.

It is a story of six Chinese Canadians and their families, set in Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood. It is centred in 1961, but pivots in time across several decades. CHINATOWN is City Opera’s fifth commission in nine years.

They will accept online materials only. Video submissions may be up to ten minutes in length, with minimal editing. We request two works of contrasting character. As part of the video portfolio material sung in English, and Hoisan/Toisan or Cantonese, is most welcome. High- resolution image and audio quality is strongly recommended. Resumés may include up to three professional references. Please indicate if you are a member of CAE or a comparable organization.

ROUND ONE DEADLINE: 10 September, 2020

Clara Wieck, Auditions Manager

All materials received will be acknowledged.

Dr Charles Barber, Artistic Director