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Contemporary Asian Stories: War, Romance, and Eileen Chang’s Love in a Fallen City

Contemporary Asian Stories is a series of online events presented by the Vancouver Public Library in partnership with the University of British Columbia Department of Asian Studies. The series celebrates literature, film, and larger-than-life figures from across modern Asian popular cultures. Their next event is focusses on Eileen Chang (Zhang, Ailing 1920-1995) one of the most highly acclaimed writers of the twentieth century.

Love in A Fallen City (《傾城之戀》), one of her best-known stories, was published in 1943, during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai.

Why did Chang choose to write a love story in wartime Shanghai? What impact does it have on modern Chinese literature and culture? Join UBC assistant professor Renren Yang as he explores the relationship between war and romance through a reading of Love in A Fallen City and its filmic and TV adaptations.

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