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Remembering Jim Wong-Chu on his 72nd Birthday

Jim Wong-Chu

Jim Wong-Chu was not only a well-known Asian-Canadian historian, editor, author and poet, but also one of the founding members of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society. 

On February 24, 1999, Jim Wong-chu along with Winston Xin, Mishtu Banerjee, Grace Eiko Thompson, and Mo-Ling Chui officially created the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society as a not-for-profit organization. Being a strong social advocate, Jim Wong-Chu envisioned and designed the first explorASIAN Festival program. The Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society is where it is today because of Jim Wong-Chu and his dedication towards Asian-Canadian heritage and arts. To learn more about his legacy, click here

Jim Wong-Chu commemorated on the homepage of Google, January 28, 2021