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Interconnected Virtual Artist Spotlight: Lulu Zyl

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Vancouver based photographer, Lulu Zyl, has been honing her skills in photography for the last several years. Originally a graphic designer, she added video animation to her skills, becoming a VJ doing live video for music performances. Lulu blended her photography skills with her twenty-four years of animation and graphics experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. She loves to combine music and visual rhythm, using pictures to describe music and emotions.

Born in Shanghai, Lulu Zyl, through the mediums of photography and digital painting, has created a body of work that explores the intersections between Eastern and Western modes of artistic expression, centering on themes of women’s empowerment. Her successful “Masked Intentions” and “Zen Leaf” shows at Sun Yat Sen’s gallery in Vancouver Canada and Red moon art Gallery in Melbourne Australia took the form of modern digital collages printed on traditional scroll material and featured an exploration of these issues through symbolic layering/breaking of veils and Chinese opera masks. In her next show, Lulu will expand on this exploration with a new series of photo-based/ digital painting pieces.

In her next project, Lulu’s will introduce a further evolution into her visual animation and photography practice. A unique use of textured and structured graphics will be used to describe feeling and emotion in a visual animation environment and will allow Lulu to challenge the boundaries of people photography – utilizing weightlessness to tell stories, and explore the depths of movement and composition.