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Exhibition Spring Series 2021 – Paintings by June Yun

“Your mind is like a beautiful pool of water reflecting the world around it.”– Hugh Kidd

Although art is her passion and painting is her meditation, June Yun considers herself a mixed media artist. Besides painting and drawing, she works with printmaking, video and installation.

During the past decade, water and clouds are the other predominant subjects of her art. She uses them as metaphors conveying aesthetics of her Chinese background: simplicity, tranquility, and solitary. Oriental people’s perception and admiration of water have informed the wisdom of the East. That is also why traditional Chinese art assumed ink and water as the medium and the language of landscape paintings. The mercurial forms of water and its reflections build a dreamlike mirage on June Yun’s canvases. Floating clouds are another form of water. They seem vague, unreachable, ethereal and even intangible for some humans, yet June Yun can transcribe her fleeing memories through the water, clouds and mist in her art.

In the springtime of 2021, June Yun started a new series of paintings called Spring Series 2021 that extends the subject from water to the ubiquitous tender green that is reflected in water.

“With brilliant colours, the lonely and poetic life has continued through two consecutive spring seasons. Time flies, like a dream, yet the flowers are still blooming quietly. Because of the epidemic, the world seemed to have pressed the pause button, and it seemed that the sudden braking awoke me from the gray-blue ‘water’ (Water that has been the subject of my painting for nearly ten years.) I began to see and respond to flowers, pink, purple, and yellow colours. Maybe flowers are not what they seem. I am painting quietly as usual, but it seems that I really cannot paint anymore, in other words, painting is not the painting as usual anymore. Painting has become less rational and more intuitive, unintentional, and ‘speechless’. Painting does not require any concepts, meanings, or techniques, but rather just a wordless process.”    

To see more of June Yun’s beautiful work, make an appointment at Lipont Gallery + YKLM Auctions. May 4 – 31, Monday – Friday 10am-5pm, free admission. Click below: