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Pride in Chinatown Garden Party Alternative Pride Festival

Paul Wong Projects is partnering with the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Art and Leisure, and the Alternative Pride Festival to throw the Pride in Chinatown Garden Party on July 31st.

They are styling this event as a late-afternoon early evening “tea dance” with an ambience of music, dance, bar and performances, new tech vibes, and visual art installations. This is an inclusive event that celebrates Pan-Asian queer, energy, creativity and visibility . Listen to music, dance and gather in the spacious central courtyard or go into park trails and walk amongst the giant black bamboo groves and waterways or enter into the spectacular Classical Chinese gardens of ancient rock formations and heritage pavilions based on architectural designs from 400 years ago.

DJs playing on a custom install PK sound system ’til sunset!
HainafromChina (Normie Corp)
fagofcolour (Normie Corp)

Performances by
Kara Juku

Hosted by
Lyle Chan

Visual Art Installation
Rivers Have Mouths in the Hall of One Hundred Rivers

Created by
Paul Wong
On Main