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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Nicolas Ky

Artist Statement

My subject matter is greatly influenced by where I am and places I long for. Drawing and designing has always been a way for me to understand and grow closer to a subject through exploration, research and problem solving. 

By interpreting Gastown in a stylized manner, I must ask myself what are the visual elements that make Gastown special to me and how I can depict the essence or feeling of what it is like to be there.

My series of designs of a South East Asian inspired market is brought on by my fascination and love for night markets and my memories of exploring them in Vietnam. It is a way to feel as if I’m there while not being able to, as well as strengthen my design abilities to improve my craft.

Nicolas Ky is a Vancouver based artist currently working as a designer in the animation industry. He graduated from Emily Carr University of Design with a bachelors in Illustration. He works in a digital medium using Photoshop and Blender to suit his workflow. He normally illustrates fictional and nonfictional environments and objects that he identifies with as a means to understand them further. 

Contact Info

Insta: @nicolas_ky_art

Twitter: @ky_nicolas