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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Christine Wei

Artist Statement

Illustration to me has always been the breath-of-fresh-air version of the reality we live in, or perhaps an imaginative world, where hearts are allowed to freely and truthfully converse with one another through unique visual expressions, without neither self-inflicted or societal-imposed constraints.  

I often like to contextualize the subjects of my illustrations within journeys through everyday life. I present them in a reimagined and fun perspective or scenario, with the hope that the contrast between banality and creativity would blossom into a realm that is parallel to our own, but at the same time champion respectful communication of ideas without the fear of prejudice, discrimination or other humanly fabricated limitations. 

Ultimately, I think illustration or the act of art-making in general, is about fun, experimentation and liberating both artists’ and viewers’ mind and heart.  

Christine Wei is a Taiwanese illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and majored in Illustration. Christine’s work often draws inspiration from sentiment, life stories, culture and nature-inspired mark-makings. Christine loves illustrating with a variety of mediums to convey narratives through stimulating and dynamic lenses. Christine’s work has been recognized by Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, CBC Arts and many more. Christine illustrated her first picture book, Come, Read With Me, written by Margriet Ruurs and published by Orca Book Publishers in May 2021 and is currently working on her second picture book project with Greystone Books. 

Contact Info 

Insta: @christinewsart

Facebook: @christinewillustration