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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Serisa Fitz-James

Artist Statement

In my last residency (at the Port Moody Arts Centre) I had time to make ceramics for the first time outside of university. I was in a private space, alone with myself during a time where I was just trying to survive, like now. I focused on my family, love, labor, morning and revisiting, struggling remembering and celebrating different aspects of my identity as my body brain and world around me changed so much.  Holding on to pasts that felt good, re-learned and trying to make sense of a clearer future – letting go of unnecessary traumas. a lot of this work comes from memories, healing, longing, and self love and care.

Serisa Fitz-James

Working with sculpture, ceramics, animation, performance, community practices  and digital media, their work explores storytelling, family histories, and creating works to heal, uplift, free, and educate. They love their family, teaching, laughing, basketball, riding their bike, and working together with their friends.

Fitz-James is a Filipinx-Canadian artist who currently works and resides on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples – Squamish,  Stó:lō, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam Nations.