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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Avery Go

Artist Statement

Drawing is a way for me to express my emotions, intensifying shadows, light, and sometimes colour. It’s greatly satisfying for me to see shapes form to end up looking like something real, so I can more easily imagine myself entering their fantastical and/or colourful worlds.

I always think of things in a mathematical sort of way when drawing, sorting things into fractions and ratios. Therefore, I rely heavily on my sense of spatial awareness when drawing. My drawings are influenced by my emotions and my surroundings.

I like to survey my surroundings to figure out what colour combinations work and which colours are on what part of a face or object or otherwise.

Artist Biography

Avery Go is a self-taught aspiring artist, born and raised in Vancouver. She mostly draws people, and in general, tends to draw in a realistic style. An always curious-person, she finds the world, with its shapes and colours, fascinating, and replicating and embellishing these in her art is something that brings her joy. Her preferred mediums are graphite or Procreate. Despite this, she would love to be able to experiment and use other mediums more often. 

Avery started drawing when she was around two years old; a hobby she has carried with her throughout her life. She knew she wanted to become an artist when she was six, and now, ten years later, still hopes to fulfill that dream by pursuing a path in visual arts in university.

See more of Avery’s work on her Instagram here.