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Connotation of Chinese Ancient Poems

Perfect for poetry lovers! Listen in on this ancient Chinese poetry session on May 14 at 11 AM.

The greatest feature of ancient Chinese poetry is its profound meaning. The true meaning of poetry is often different from the literal meaning. It is related with culture and history. This lecture takes three poems as examples to show the difference between the true meaning and the literal meaning of poems.

Dr. Ally Wang, Ph.D. in Ancient Chinese Literature and Writer

Wang has published hundreds of articles about Tang Poets and over ten books including “The Study of Jiaofang in the Tang Dynasty”, a prose collection named “Leaving the Best Time with You” as well as the translation of “The Poet Zheng Zhen (1806-1864) and the Rise of Chinese Modernity” (Schmidt, 2013). Wang also has hosted cultural and educational seminars at the Vancouver Public Library and many other community organizations.