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Dare to Dream, from Did I just Say That? 

A new music video will premiere on May 8th, 2022 called Dare to Dream, from Did I just Say That? Click here to watch at 10am the day of!

In celebration of mothers, grandmothers, matriarchs, and mother figures, Dare to Dream honours the untold stories of the ancestors who endeavoured for a better life.

“I’ve never seen a character like my mother on stage or on TV. She was born in Victoria of Chinese immigrant parents who paid the head-tax, and has a Canadian accent. In photos from the 50s and 60s, she was fashionable and rather glamorous-looking, playing sports, hanging out with friends, working various jobs. So the piece is a tribute to her and my grandmothers, the women of colour who do the essential work that keeps Canadian society going, yet continue to be invisible.” – Valerie Sing Turner, librettist


Librettist: Valerie Sing Turner
Composer: Katerina Gimon
Singers: Emma Parkinson, Sodam Lee
Pianist: Perri Lo
Audio Producer: Olivia Quan
Editing: David Ng (Love Intersections)
Videography: D’Arcy Hamilton
Director: Stephanie Wong 
Associate Director: Debi Wong
Producers: Stephanie Wong and Debi Wong
Commissioned by re:Naissance Opera