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Thangka Art History

On May 14 at 7pm, Dr. Avril Wang of the Thangka Art Center of Shanghai will walk us through the history of Thangka painting and its elements, features and characteristics. Dr. Wang will also share with us the new developments and academic findings in many fields of Thangka and Tibetan culture research and collection.

Dr. Avril Wang Bio

Dr. Avril Wang received her Litt.D. in Comparative World Literature from Shanghai Normal University. Dr. Wang is currently the director of the Thangka Art Center of the Shanghai United Calligraphy and Painting Institute and the vice president of the Hong Kong Thangka Art Research Association. Dr. Wang chairs Shanghai Tanlu Culture Co., Ltd.

Dr. Avril Wang conducted her cross-disciplinary research under the tutelage of the leading authority in French literary Prof. Zheng Kelu. Dr. Wang published translations of “Little Women” and “A Tale of Two Cities”.  Her new book about a study of the moral thoughts in Sartre’s novels is scheduled to be published in the United States in 2023.

Dr. Wang is involved in many fields of Thangka and Tibetan culture research and collection, and she is committed to promoting academic findings to the public. Dr. WAng has been invited to give lectures at the Taiwan Financial Summit Forum, the United Nations Conference on Religious Culture in Asia, Qinghai Provincial Museum, Shanghai Guanfu Museum, Yuantong Ancient Temple, Yihe Four Seasons, and Shanghai Library.