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The Truth of Yoga

Yoga has become the fastest growing body-mind practice in the world today, but is it more than just an exercise class? On May 26 at 6:30pm, you will soar into a 10,000 foot view of yoga’s origins and look at it from a decolonized lens. The speaker, Zamir Dhanji, will explain yoga’s core philosophy and metaphysics and how it evolved into the practices we know today.

This powerful introduction will not only change the way you see yoga, but also explain the meaning of different yogic paths. In particular, you will learn about the Yoga of Patanjali – proponent of classical yoga and author of the yoga sutras – which presents yoga as a systemic path of conscious evolution.

Bio of Zami Dhanji

Zamir completed his 500 hour Teacher Training with David Goulet in Chakra Yoga, who learned from the late Swami Gitananda, founder of the Ananda Ashram and proponent of yoga science and tradition.

He is also an initiate of Ati-yoga under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of HÜMÜH Clear-Mind Buddhism, with whom he has discipled for eight years in the practice and study of meditation and Buddhist logic.

He served as a lead instructor for Langara College’s Yoga Teacher Training program, now teaches on Salt Spring Island, and offers workshops and classes in Canada and beyond.