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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Rachelle Yau

Artist Statement:

There is a great contrast in the experience of being in a city – between those who have a home, and those who don’t. For most people, there is always the luxury of relaxing in the park or taking a stroll down the block, enjoying the city. However, for some, like those in need of housing, those luxuries don’t exist – even their existence in the physical and social context is on the brink of non-existence. How can architecture facilitate the integration of social disparities through the built context? 

In this series, Bridge, I explore speculative interventions that aim to act ambiguously to different users in various city contexts. Through the superimposition of models and photographs from Hong Kong to Spain, to the UK, this project proposes several strategies in which the city can be designed to accommodate for all. Can architecture exist for everyone to use and enjoy?

About Rachelle Yau:

Rachelle Yau is a London-based visual artist specializing in architectural space and graphic design. Raised in Vancouver, Canada, Rachelle’s early interest in drawing and painting especially architecture and landscapes led to her fascination with the built environment. Her exhibition – The Chinese Garden – held at the Dr. Sun Yet Sen Classical Chinese Garden in 2011, attempts to encapsulate the Chinese landscape and architecture through painting. 

Her journey has now evolved into an exploration of 2D, and 3D design, particularly within architecture. Working with various media – painting, photography, digital and physical modelling – her interest revolves around humanitarian architecture from emergency to social housing. She graduated from the AA with RIBA Part I Qualification in 2021.