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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Etsu Essence Inoue

Etsu & Arts

Etsu began studying traditional Japanese monochrome brushwork at age of eight. In high school she began studying with a famous calligrapher and continues till today.

Along the way she discovered that she could marry traditional and contemporary art by adding colour to the monochrome style, which led to creating her own painting style.

Because she focuses on nature, all of Etsu’s art materials are made by nature. Her art is expressed on Washi paper (traditional Japanese paper), with black ink stick and natural powder pigments. These pigments are made of fine sand or clay, rock and have a history that goes back more than two thousand years.

Etsu’s modern motifs are based on the style of Japanese antique folding screens, with gold leaf and gold powder used on the base. Now she lives in Japan. She continues to explore own new art forms while also spreading the charm of Japanese traditional culture.


Etsu Essence Inoue

Etsu moved to Vancouver 1989. She has been working to spread the art of Japanese calligraphy and Japanese watercolour painting in Canada and Stats. She met famous Shakuhachi (Bamboo flute) player Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos in Sakura Festival in Vancouver 2012. She began collaborating with his music

In her performances, she expresses how the music makes her feel in the moment. Her desire is to continue spreading the art of Japanese calligraphy in Canada, and collaborate with artists of other genres, and to share the art educate the public about the spirituality and beauty of traditional Japanese calligraphy and paintings.



Special Thanks:

Master of Shakuhachi player: Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

Etsu’s special Curator: Leticia Sanchez