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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Maryam Zinati

My Painting Technique

Gilding and miniature are visual arts, the original and traditional art of the Eastern world that has a very long history. The design of these designs has principles and formulas that are executed and each design has 12 stages of painting, engraving and gilding. In some of my works, I use 24 carat original gold. I use other materials such as watercolor, ink, gouache, acrylic, and a very thin brush and magnifying glass. In the pen stage, I have to hold my breath to do the pen with a magnifying glass. I perform these paintings on cardboard, paper, wood, leather, etc. Each panel at 50 by 70 cm takes about a few months to complete.

Art History

I used to draw as a child, my best hobby was painting, when I was 7 years old and when I started writing and reading so I wrote a few comic books with my painting, I Painted techniques until I became acquainted with the art of gilding and miniature, I found my lost art, I painted very hard morning to night and night to morning very long time.

I learned this art from skilled masters and with the talent that I continued in painting. After a while, I decided to produce these patterns and motifs and designs not only in the form of frames , but also on antique and old furniture, and I used these designs on different materials such as wood, fabric, walls and in interior decoration.

I graduated graphic design in Tehran-Iran, I had design and publishing company in Iran until when I migrated to Vancouver, I am still graphic designer, being a painter.

History of International Exhibition Participation

  • Joint Exhibition in the cities of Berlin & Frankfurt, Germany (2004)
  • Solo Exhibition in the city of Strasbourg, France – Twice (2005 & 2006)
  • Exhibition on the historical connection between Islamic Art & Christianity at the Samfu Halogen Church of Strasbourg, France (2005)
  • Iran Cultural Week Exhibition in Algeria (Elected as the Iranian Painter 2007)
  • International BESMELLAH Exhibition in Saudi Arabia – 2 Times (2009 &2011)
  • Solo Exhibition in United Arab Emirates – 3 Times (2009-2011-2012)
  • Solo Exhibition of 7 Iranian Wise in Germany (2011)
  • Exhibition of 7 Iranian Wise in Belgium (2012)
  • Solo Exhibition in Paris, France (2012)
  • Iran Cultural Week Exhibition in Moscow, Russia (Elected as the Iranian Painter2015)
  • Frankfurt Book fair 2017 Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany (2017)
  • Solo & Joint Exhibitions in number of cities around Persian Gulf
  • A lot of Exhibition solo and group in Iran.

Interviews & Press / Media Reports

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  • Press Conference with Honarmand Newspaper
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