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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: George Lo

Artist Statement

As a dentist, I need to learn about hands, eyes and brain coordination to work efficiently.

I started taking evening photography courses from a photography film school in Vancouver in the 1990s. I spent one evening night per week, 3 hours each night, learning about the basics of film development, darkroom technique, shooting different types of lighting situations. I learned how to print b/w and colour prints. I found this is my way of relaxation after one whole day of hard work in the office. In 1994, I entered my photos in Canadian National photo competitions. I won lots of medals including Gold, Silver & Bronze medals. My winning photo “The Horse drive“ was selected to be the front cover of Photo Life magazine in 1994. I entered more photo salon competitions organized by PSA <Photographic Society of America>. I found that my action shots of moving subjects got me most prizes because the judges and audiences appreciated the degree of difficulty in capturing moving subjects.

After 2000, film photography was dead and everything moved to being digitally captured. I was unsure how I could compete and use Photoshop to manipulate my images. I am not skill in this. In 2007, I bought my first digital SLR camera and learned how to use it. There are advantages of digital camera, such as no fee for processing the images, higher ISO film speed, etc. I used a telephoto lens to capture “The fighting bald eagles” which won Sony World Award, National Award for Canada.

Now I recognize that it is not what type of camera that I use to take the winning photo. It is the brain behind the viewfinder that takes the winning photos. It took years of learning, trial & errors, and experiences.

I participated in competitions from around the World, from China, Russia, Europe. Photography is a universal language, no translator required.


George Ching Yuen LO has practised dentistry in Vancouver since 1977. He is a general dentist but is one of 5% dentists who actively practices Microscopic dentistry. In fact, he says the reason he has not retired as early as many dentists is due to his use of that. He considers practising microscopic dentistry as his greatest accomplishment because it is a skill so few dentists have. He has been able to avoid the toll the dental professional often takes on the backs and necks of many dentists. With a microscope magnification, it works like the zoom lens of his camera: he can dial in the degree of magnification with built-in fiberoptic light source.

George is also an international award winning photographer, having won the prestigious Sony Canada National Award 1995 for his amazing photo: “Fighting bald eagles.” He also participated in international
photo competitions: 35 AWARDS from Russia with over half a million photos entered. One of his entries was selected to the Third Round where top 2% of all entries were selected. He also participated in competitions from China and Europe with many awards.