Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Fiona Chan

Artist Statement

In my early art journey, acrylic paints are my preferred medium because of their flexibility. Acrylics are easily manipulated which can add interesting texture to the piece as well. This is also the main reason that I love to use acrylic for backgrounds as it makes the feature objects pop out visually. As I explore the beauty of art, I then come across another medium – oil painting which is now my main medium. I found oil paints very fascinating. It provides for a wider range of colors and a rich color depth because
they can be layered and mixed more freely than other paints, such as watercolor or acrylics. I often using many layers, to create a piece that has depth and life. Oil paints can also be left open for long period of time without drying, this characteristic makes it possible for an artist to work on a painting over several sessions without fear of the paint drying up too early.

My painting process is slow and meticulous. I may have an idea when I start working, but the painting can often take a different direction. Each painting gives me a chance to awaken to the beauty that is around me. The composition of shapes and colors often brings out an unexpected image that can be developed further. As I slowly build and excavate layers of paint, my relationship with the imagery deepens. The most exciting part is the unveiling of the artwork as I continue to work on each piece. As a nature lover, the more I paint the more I focus on the alert to sounds, sights, and smells around me. I strive to be a good observer and listener by pausing and taking it in. The interplay between land and sky at the horizon line and water and sky in reflections captivates me. The infusion of light into the receding hills stops me in my tracks, as do the last rays of light falling across the treetops and hills. The
ability to capture a sense of the passage of time through an extended experience of presence and attention is important to me, something that is hard for most of us to do in our distracting digital age.

Painting is very therapeutic; it is also a great tool to get to know ourselves and enable us to reflect our inner significance. It does take courage to paint, but once you paint the first stroke on the canvas, the magic of art will bring you to an amazing life journey that you never expected – that’s what happens to my students. I see them from saying “I can never paint; I can’t draw ……” at the beginning, to their eagerness opening themselves to explore all the possibilities, building up their self-confidence and
strengthening their self-expression and adjusting their sensitivities. Such joys and accomplishments are priceless.
There is no right or wrong in art. There is no painting is the same, like human. Accept everything from us, never compare because we are all unique. We should be proud of ourselves and accept our differences. Be brave to unfold your potentials and let art bloom you.


Fiona Chan, was born and raised in Hong Kong, and now has settled in Vancouver Canada. As a nature and architecture lover, Fiona’s arts primarily focus on landscape, seascape and cityscape while her still-life and animal paintings are often inspired by her life and experiences.

Fiona graduated with first class honor from the City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree in Quantitative Analysis for Business. Her passion on arts started in her elementary school years, her artworks had often been selected to showcase in school and had been recognised through different community art competitions. After graduating from university, Fiona brought her artistry to the business presentations at her firms. The trainings and experiences in the corporate world have further expanded
her creativity and the flexibility in expressing messages or ideas by using mixed mediums and tools.

Fiona is currently teaching arts and running painting classes for adults and kids in Canada and Asia. She also devotes her time to serve the communities and the needy through organising various fundraising events and art workshops. Her passion in arts and in serving others lead her actively partnering with non-profit organisations to provide art workshops and speeches aim to inspire others in life and bring the communities together.

Fiona is an active member of the Burnaby Artist Guild. Recently her two paintings won the 1 st place and 2 nd at the “Year of the Tiger” Art Show of the Asian Heritage Month in May 2022, she also won the most favourite artist in Vancouver.

Fiona’s motto is: “Everyone can be an artist. There is no right or wrong in art. Be brave to unfold your
potentials and let art bloom you.” Her Instagram account is @fionachan.fine.arts and a facebook art page is Fiona Chan (Fine Arts)