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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Jeffery Chan

Artist Statement

For many years I had an innate yearning for sketching. Like a walled fortress, fear of failure and apprehension kept me at bay because it takes courage to draw. Failure is not the opposite of success but rather a stepping stone to success.

There can be something good to be said of a lockdown. To conquer the banality of it, one can embark on new journeys, and I did.  From making walking sticks, and designing my jackets to learning new languages, I found a way to keep busy.  One day, I pulled out a sketch gifted to me by the renowned artist Raymond Chow; the beauty of his work was the instant inspiration, so I thought to myself, I can do this, as in the famous words of the American Civil War Admiral Farragut, “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. “ 

My first-ever drawing was of one of our family’s ancestral homes in China. From that trip to our rural village, I knew, at first glance, that it was a structure of beauty. My subjects are varied and foremost images of destinations I traveled, allowing me to relive my footsteps and awaken memories of worldly explorations. I draw from inspiration, as traveling is like looking through a kaleidoscope with its ever-changing impressions. Here, I try to capture those moments, one sketch at a time. 

Drawing has been therapeutic, and it has become my default pastime. “The magic of drawing is like a spiritual light bathing your consciousness to bring images to fruition. The sense of accomplishment is priceless when you transform an empty, vacuous canvas into visually pleasing artwork.” “Paper, pens, and rulers are my basic tools, and drawing allows me to write my own story.”


Jeff is a Chinese Canadian born and raised in Vancouver. A graduate of UBC in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Vancouver, B.C. For many years, Jeff had a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry and volunteered with the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, focusing his work on fundraising and Ambassador roles. In the same capacity, he also volunteers at the Vancouver Visual Arts Foundation. With no formal art education but a passion for drawing, Jeff has recently been enamored with sketching upon his memories of his extensive travels around the world. “Some sights have left an indelible impression on me, and that is reflected in my sketches, drawings, and designs. “For Jeff, art brings people together and fosters a sense of connectivity.