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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Lenore RS Lim

Artist Statement

Lenore  RS Lim’s art is a testament to her constant exploration of the technical possibilities of printmaking, her continued collaboration with her print master, and her ongoing relationship with her culture as expressed in her use of plant life, Philippine crafts and mythology.

Her work emanates a positive point of view toward her childhood, her parents, and her home in the Philippines, expressed in an artistic language she mastered while living in New York. 

The development of Lim’s art has greatly benefited from her immigration experience as her technique, her point of view, and her aesthetic are a byproduct of her openness to new places and interactions.“Change is the force that motivates me as an artist, a mother, and a person.  Change requires us to alter comfortable routines, to rethink paradigms, to try new ways of doing things. Constant evolution is one of the few undeniable truths in life


Lenore RS Lim obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines and Printmaking at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

She is an extraordinary printmaker who has led an extraordinary life outside of the spotlight. Never content to work for her own enjoyment, she is instead a pioneer and an important leader in the world of printmaking.  An artist who underwent an exceptional rise in the art world of New York, she continues to be true to her convictions and to the legacy of printmakers who came before her.  

Lenore received the Presidential Award, specifically the Pamana ng Pilipino Award, for Filipinos overseas, in 2004 and the Outstanding Professional Award in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines Alumni Association in 2005 for her accomplishments in the arts.  Lenore received a grant from the prestigious Jackson Pollock /Lee Krasner Foundation in New York in 1999 and the VAHMS – Pan Asian Recognition Award, Vancouver, BC in May 2019.  

In addition to showing at galleries and museums worldwide, Lenore represented the Philippines at the United Nations World Women Conference Exhibit in New York in 2000 and OPEN, the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, in Venice, Italy in 2002. Lenore is the president and founder of the Filipino Music and Art Foundation in BC. In the past, she has also served as president in various Filipino community organizations in Vancouver and New York.