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Interconnected Artist Spotlight: Amir Aziz

Artist Statement
The ancient past and technological futurism are blended beyond recognition in my imagination. My art practice lives in the space between the digital and the physical, and purposefully relies on traditional mediums as well as digital and industrial techniques. The work could not exist without the intersection of both.  In a way, I explore meaning most often through method, while the subject only acts as a vector toward a larger, more interpretative, conversation.

I think of my work – in all of its multiple disciplines and mediums – as relics of an ancient future, rather than objects of contemporary contemplation to be hung on some white wall somewhere. They are all created to interact with time, light, shadow, sound, and most of all, with the viewer who gives life to the work through the act of perception.  Above all, I consider my art an offering – to whom and for what – I can not say. 


Amir Aziz is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the intersection of art, perception, and technology in light of sacred traditions and world cultures.  Using a variety of manual and computer techniques and equipment, he is best known for his unique three-dimensional acrylic artworks.  His work uses both traditional and digital mediums to explore the overlap of perception and aesthetics at the intersection of emerging technology and transcendental culture.  His art practice incorporates elements of digital art, vector illustration, motion graphics, interactive and 3D design, sculptural jewelry, fabrication technology, and immersive media. 
He has exhibited in solo and group shows across the world and his works have been collected by music superstars and moguls, as well as private collectors.  Amir holds a Masters in Interactive Art + Technology, in the area of immersive experience and mixed reality.  His emerging technology artworks have been exhibited at prestigious conferences globally, including SIGGRAPH Asia, the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), and the Burning Man Festival. His immersive media company, Spherical Pictures, is finalizing the production of two immersive 360˚ planetarium films about the poetry of Rumi, as well as the philosophy of Alan Watts. Amir currently resides in Robert’s Creek, BC with his wife and three children.