explorASIAN Art Connections

Virtual explorASIAN 2020 would like to acknowledge the artists who committed to participate in the festival’s opening ceremony. These artists very happily offered to present their works to the public at what would have been a momentous and well-attended inauguration of this year’s explorASIAN festival.

Danvic Briones

Danvic Briones is a Vancouver-based expressive arts therapist and visual artist. During the course of his Fine Arts studies at university, Danvic was introduced to printmaking (collagraphy). Read more

Esmie Gayo McLaren

Esmie Gayo McLaren is a Filipino-Canadian visual artist based in Vancouver, BC. Using oil or watercolour, McLaren paints scenes of everyday life through an emotive use of color and light… Read more

Nina Kuznetsova

To Nina, “Art is [an] important and necessary part of being…”, and in her work, she presents a way of being and observing that is consistently her own. Her effervescent palette of yellows and blues accompanied by a… Read more

Bert Monterona

Apart from the mythology of Mindanao, Philippines, Bert also draws from the richness of BC’s wildlife. Where Philippine wildlife and sociopolitical commentary used to dominate… Read more…

Gloria King

The confluence of two cultures implied by the identity to which Gloria King willingly ascribes – “Chinese Canadian photographer” – breathes interest into the work of the artist. Add to that an… Read more