The Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS) is proud to organize a number of activities in support of our vision to recognize Asian Canadian participation as an integral part of Canadian society and celebrate the hybridization of all arts and culture in Canada.

horiz-explorasian-logo-with-wordmark-leftexplorASIAN is an annual festival celebrating national Asian Heritage Month in the the month of May. The festival includes art and cultural programs, activities and events produced in collaboration with various partners from the diverse communities in Metro Vancouver. Each year, a different Asian Canadian community is honoured and highlighted. At the festival’s closing, explorASIAN hosts a Recognition Gala to honour outstanding contributors from the selected community and celebrate with new and old friends alike through unique performances, music and food.


Generation One Logo

Generation One (GenOne) is an exhibition produced by the VAHMS and community partners, promoting intercultural and cross-generational dialogue among and beyond Asian Canadian artists. GenOne takes place annually in multiple locations in Metro Vancouver during the explorASIAN festival. The exhibition features both established and emerging local artists, who are first-generation Canadians, to showcase their creativity and vitality, as well as promote appreciation of visual arts among younger audiences.


Silk & Spice: Following the Routes of Trade and Beyond

Silk & Spice is a photographic exhibition that started in 2016 as a community project to build connections within the multicultural communities living in Vancouver. The visual examples of Asian countries and Vancouver spaces allow participants to explore different cultures that belonged to the ancient trade routes and find the common unifying factors pertaining to all humanity. VAHMS recognizes the importance of strengthening the cross-cultural exchanges between Canada and Asia in cultural areas to reach more audiences and foster integrated cooperation. Silk & Spice is designed to improve the understanding of the cultural and commercial influences between East and West.