Interconnected Project

Experiencing Pan-Asian art in Metro-Vancouver

Interconnected builds upon the Vancouver Heritage Month Society’s vision of recognizing Pan-Asian-Canadian participation as an integral part of Canadian society and celebrates the hybridization of all arts and cultures in Canada. Launched in 2019 by VAHMS President Leticia Sanchez, the project seeks to bring together different communities to experience Asian-Canadian arts by providing a platform for emerging under-represented artists to exhibit their work and collaborate with their community. 

There is an intrinsic connection between art and the creation of harmonious relationships within our communities. Art can often overcome barriers of language and culture in unique ways. Interconnected communities are better equipped to tackle issues such as diversity, equity, racism, and inclusion. Interconnected centers Pan-Asian Art and Artists, pushing them to ignite, grow, and create new connections that cross the boundaries of age, class, race, ethnicity, or other art mediums.  Our goal is to foster the creation of new, reciprocal relationships amongst artists, galleries, and the general public and to emphasize the importance of creating spaces and opportunities to connect and network through art. 

The Interconnected project’s focus is to create virtual spaces for Pan-Asian Canadian artists to showcase their art and stories. The project aims to build and develop an inclusive artist and gallery network that will support Pan Asian-Canadian Art in a lasting and meaningful way, and we’re starting one artist at a time. Each month, through the Interconnected Virtual Artist Spotlight Series, a different Asian Canadian artist will be showcased virtually. Participating artists will self-curate their exhibitions and share their stories in bespoke virtual environments created by Interconnected and promoted by explorASIAN and our other Interconnected Community partners. If you would like to participate or know of someone who would, you can contact us at

Take a look at this useful tool for emerging artists:

CARFAC BC Artist Toolkits