Understanding cultural diversity and inclusion

VAHMSconnections 2020 inaugural panel from left to right: Patricia Woroch, Raminder Dosanjh, Paul Crowe, Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan and Leticia Sanchez.

The goal of VAHMSconnections is to understand the importance that diversity and inclusion hold in our lives, from our individual search for belonging to finding ways to maintain a sustained commitment to inclusive practices in our communities. VAHMSconnections organizes events throughout the year to cover a wide range of Pan-Asian Canadian cultural facets.

The events and conversations aim to increase awareness to practice inclusion and avoid exclusion, highlight the initiatives that promote cultural diversity, and increase participation of Pan-Asian communities including youth, persons with disabilities as well as underrepresented populations. VAHMSconnections was launched at the Annual General Meeting in January 2020 with the inaugural panel on “Celebrating cultural diversity in our society,” which included Paul Crowe, Patricia Woroch, and Raminder Dosanjh. The main objective is to build awareness about VAHMS’ mission of providing a platform to showcase, represent, and give voice to the diverse Pan-Asian and Asian-Canadian communities in Vancouver and beyond.

VAHMSconnections Chair: Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan, VAHMS Director